Business loans aren’t as easy to obtain as they used to be

If you are looking for a business mortgage or if you’re a commercial property investor looking to finance either a purchase or remortgage then Smart Mortgage Group Ltd can help you. We aim to provide the best service possible every time, so no matter how large or small, or how long you have been trading, no matter what type of business you are in our objective is to help you get the best result. We are a small but highly experienced financial consultancy and we can make a difference for you.

Your current bank may not be willing or able to offer you the finance package you require or they may set terms you don’t want to agree to. This is where Smart Mortgage Group Ltd can help; we have the ability to match your needs with the right lender. Smart Mortgage Group Ltd have access to all high street lenders throughout the UK specialising in all types of Business Finance; this means we are able to direct your funding requirements to a lender who understands your specific business sector and who will be more amenable to your funding proposal.

Our business has been built on our reputation. We are fully aware that should you not be satisfied by the service we offer, you will tell others and that is why from the initial contact you make with us we will support you through every stage of the process, and make every effort to deliver you a successful outcome.